Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In My Mailbox

Today was the release date for Meg Cabot's new book
So, seeing how I've been waiting for it, I stopped by my local Barnes&Nobles and bought it. :)
While I was there, I went ahead and looked through the YA section and found a book that caught my eyes!

Braced To Bite by Serena Robar

Being a sucker for vampire books (pun intended), I bought it as well.
I've been slacking on reviews so I'll do one soon! As you can see, I got some good books in my last IMM and I've already finished a few! :) So now I think I'm going to start reading Insatiable and put my other goodies in my TBR pile.

For Review:

Insatiable - Meg Cabot
Braced To Bite - Serena Robar
What did you get??


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