Friday, October 22, 2010

YA Spooktacular starts today!

Today is the start of the first ever YA Spooktacular event, TALES FROM UNDER THE GRAVE!!

On October 29th, the grand prize packs will up for grabs! We have two of them--one for each story--and one for internationals. To enter them you must comment on every post in the story you are reading. We will be checking! When that day comes, you'll have to fill out an entry form here on my blog or on this one. You may enter for both Prize Packs by reading both stories!
You can win extra entries and extra prizes along the way by clicking on the TRICK or TREAT buttons that you see. All of the ToTs are optional but a great chance to win more prizes and entries! For all the rules, the full rundown click HERE.

If you don't know how this whole event works, here's the gist. We've compiled some great authors (known and aspiring) to write a spooky story. One author starts by writing 200-800 words, and then another adds. On and on until it ends. (Only, times it by two since there are two stories!)'s 7 days, 2 stories and more prizes than you can count! It all starts now.

Only TWO parts of each story will be posted every day so make sure the check back the next day to read the next two parts!

Story 1 is called DARKNESS and the amazing author Heather Brewer starts it off! To read it, visit Danielle's blog (Frenzy of Noise) HERE.

Part 2 of DARKNESS is by Kimberly Derting. To read it, visit Reading or Breathing.

Story 2 is called A SOUL LAID BARE and Mona Enderili starts it off! To read it, visit Page Turner's Blog HERE.

Part 2 of A SOUL LAID BARE is by the author of The Dark Divine, Bree Despain. To read it, visit FallenArchAngel.

Follow all the action on Twitter at #YAspooktacular


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