Saturday, October 2, 2010

Review: Portal by Imogen Rose

Title: Portal
Author: Imogen Rose

January 23, 2010

Pages: 350
Rating: 5 flowers
Six words that propelled ice hockey playing tomboy, Arizona, into an alternate dimension. In one moment she went from being an ice hockey playing teenager in New Jersey to a glamorous cheerleader in California.
She found herself with a new dad. She found herself in a new life. One that she had apparently lived in always. Everyone knew her as Arizona Darley, but she isn't.
She was Arizona Stevens.
She knew she had to find her way back to her real life, to her real dad.
Then she met Kellan.

My Thoughts:

PORTAL is a sci-fi young adult romance that is a must-read if you are looking for lots of mystery and twists.

First off, Imogen Rose is one of the sweetest and nicest authors I have ever "virtually" meet! So it is a definite no wonder why her book is as equally amazing! I was hooked from the very first 6 lines in the book.

"Come find me two years ago..."

Its not everyday you see a young adult time-travel romance novel. I really enjoyed the premise. So Imogen Rose sure outdid herself in the originality department. And the end result became one of my favorite books of 2010!

PORTAL starts off leaving the reader in a cloud of confusion, wanting to know more and more thus eagerly waiting to flip the page. I must admit I tried really hard not to make my eyes wander down the page. Our main character, Arianna Stevens wakes up to find herself in a completely new life and even year! She is not only a cheerleader and blonde, but her last name is now Darley. She fits right in to her new life but only because she doesn't want anyone to think she is a complete lunatic.

The characters were very well formed and realistic. All I want to say is "MMM Kellan!" The romance and spark between Arizona and Kellan had me absolutely hating Arizona. Just because I wanted Kellan all to myself :P

Overall, PORTAL was one of those books that I was glad I had the second book in the series on hand with me. Well, more like in my room. I literally ran up the stairs, when I was done, to start reading it. I don't want to give too much away about the story but I highly recommend it to all sci-fi, young adult and dare I say it, Twilight fans!

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Media Mover/Deanna Figueroa said...

Great review! I agreed 100% with it. Read Portal back in April, it really opened my mind to new genres. I was a lucky beta reader for Equilibrium and hopefully for Quantum, too.

Love your blog!

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