Wednesday, May 19, 2010

La Femme Readers giveaway contest!

La Femme Readers has a very good giveaway contest going on! So make sure you go over to her blog and check it out! (link on my right sidebar)


ARC of Wereling by Steve Feasey
Finished Copy of Exit Strategy by Ryan Potter
ARC of The Knife That Killed Me by Anthony Megowan
ARC of Party by Tom Leveen
ARC of The Karma Club
ARC of Before I Fall
Amazon or book depository pre-order of Grace by Elizabeth Scott
Amazon or book depository pre-order of The Iron Daughter (Book #2) by Julie Kagawa
Amazon $10 gift card
2010 Twilight Calender off of Amazon
Your choice of a Team Edward or Team Jacob T-Shirt off of Hot


-There will be 3 winners : First winner picks whatever three prizes they want, second winner picks two and third winner picks one.
-Open to US and Canada only (Sorry, I'm broke as a joke.)
-Contest deadline ends on June 1, 2010

(Please enter through form and not comments field, thanks!)



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